Official Good Mood Day

April 28, 2010

So, I’m pretty much fed up with people in sour moods lately, especially those who take it out on people who have nothing to do with their bad mood. To help dispel this cloud of not-happy that is following people, around, I have dubbed April 28th the first annual Official Good Mood Day. Look at pretty things and BE HAPPY, people! Sheesh. Enjoy, and party on 😉

Good air in, bad air out. Deep breaths.


Last weekend, I was lucky enough to complete my first two paying gigs as a small-time florist. One for an amazing woman who turned 80 years old this month and I am grateful to call a friend, and another to introduce a group of UGA students to the cuisine of their future host country, Italy! Photos from the birthday party will be coming soon, promise, but in the meantime, here is a photo board of the arrangements. From the overwhelming flower market (in my excitement, I was unable to hold the camera still, so only a few pictures turned out) to the finished product. Voila! And …Party On!

Fun with Flowers