Sweet Little Somethings

May 3, 2010

Saturday’s flower job was for a Mother-Daughter Graduation Luncheon. Since it also happened to be Derby Day (go, Super Saver!), I thought that sweet little boquets of Pink Roses and Green Viburnum would be precious in julep cups and look springy and feminine. Note to self, check borrowed julep cups for tarnish earlier in the future. I am, luckily, one of those people who keep all manner of silver polish on hand, but it was quite the rush getting them all done and making the arrangements in the morning. I may be addicted to the flower wholesaler, which is ok by me because otherwise the ATH>ATL>ATH drive at the crack of dawn would have been torture. But knowing there would be oodles of pretties waiting for me in the big warehouse and then getting to take some home and play made it all worth it.
To finish off the look, and keep the graduates and their mothers in the girly-party mood, I tied pink tulle bows on champagne flutes and had pink sparkling punch, because bubbles make everything better. Up next, Mother’s Day! (Y’all don’t forget about your mama’s, now.)

Enjoy the pics below, have a happy Monday, and Party On!


One Response to “Sweet Little Somethings”

  1. jade said

    so beautiful!

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