Alabama Slamma

May 25, 2010

Recently, hubby was on a work trip that took him to the home of his dad and family in Mobile, Alabama, so we decided I should fly down and meet him and turn it into a family reunion of sorts. Cheap flights definitely helped in this endeavor, but I was not quite prepared for the ittybittyteenyweeny plane I took from Athens to Atlanta to meet my flight to Mobile. So small that I conversed with my pilots the whole way. Oh, and I was the only passenger on this sardine can, so it was a private ittybittyteenyweeny plane ride. For $40, that’s pretty good! As long as your life insurance is up to date…

Upon arrival in Mobile, we ate delicious seafood (inland restaurants, take note, that’s what oysters REALLY look like), drove over bridges and under tunnels, drove through historic Mobile neighborhoods, found our dream home (come on, lottery!), and stumbled upon a neighborhood association soiree where every house dolled up and strung paper lanterns and twinkle lights down the street…breathtaking! I would love to live in that neighborhood. If it were in Athens. I pretty much lucked out in the in-laws department, they are so sweet and fun and I do love spending time with them, and our nephew Lincoln is just about unnaturally cute. That’s just home field advantage, right there.


One Response to “Alabama Slamma”

  1. Sylvan said

    Love the whole airplane description and felt like I was right there! You so funny, girl. I miss you and Diggity.

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