It’s about time…

May 25, 2010

For some babies! This is the veryfirst time I have ever had close friends expecting a new arrival, and it is just so exciting. Pregnant ladies are beautiful (y’all ARE!) and I am thrilled and honored to throw my bestie, Kelly, a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of baby James David McDonald. Or, as I like to call my future obsession and hug magnet, Baby JD (with a thug-for-life emphasis on the D). It sounds tough.

But before he arrives and turns us all into puddles of goo, we must party! And show him a good time, even in utero. The shower of the century may not be until July, but this party monster has a full schedule and must begin preparations asap. Today I made paper garlands using a 2″ hole punch and scrapbooking paper (god help me if I ever decide to scrapbook…there are way too many fun accessories to buy and hoard) and grosgrain ribbon. Unlike craft projects that become a time-suck, these paper garlands were easy and had that instant gratification factor that I love and need to keep from abandoning a project halfway through.

Many more details of Kelly’s Baby Shower to come, one day closer to meeting my little squish, and one day closer to Kelly officially becoming a hot mama. Enjoy the pics below, a sort of sneak peek, and Party On!


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