Mrs. Stalvey’s Opus

June 2, 2010

It’s not often that I am able to decorate a room from top to bottom. Whether it be budget restraints, an outside vendor handling part of the decor, a very picky client…for whatever reason, full-on room design likes to elude me. And then, sometimes, the heavens shine down on a sister and gift me a gem, a jewel, a party without a budget. {insert choirs of angels}

Introducing the Opus One Wine Dinner, a wonderful concept to utilize a 6 liter Methuselah that has been resting in our wine storage for Methuselah-knows how long. Well, not long enough to spoil, thank goodness. So, menus were made, shockingly expensive wines were paired, and my work co-hort, Donna, and I got down to the business of making the tables and room reflect the price of the event, making people feel as though they were really pampered. We started with the Opus One logo, which is this gorgeous shade of navy with a little gray mixed in. This led to damask tablecloths with toppers and chair ties in pewter, and napkins repeating the damask.

The flowers were a labor of love, literally. The first ‘draft’ was a little too modern for the rest of the room, so we changed the gameplan and aimed for a more traditional feel. But still used square and rectangle vases, white roses next to fiji mums, classic fluffy chrysanthemums lit from behind with pinch lights. We managed to funk it up a bit. And the overall effect was…perfect.

And not to toot our own horn {toot, toot!}, but we received compliments from the Opus One reps AND received a standing ovation during the dinner. I’m just glad the boss-man liked it. So go drink some expensive wine (it was delicious, by the way), set a pretty table, get you some flowers and don’t ever think that traditional can’t be fun. And funky. Party On!


One Response to “Mrs. Stalvey’s Opus”

  1. Vicki Stalvey (ma-in-law) said

    Just let me say, I am thoroughly impressed with my sweet daughter-in-law’s wonderful party ideas (oh, and the execution) and love, love, love to read her witty comments. I have truly been blessed with THE TWO BEST DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW IN THE WORLD….just needed to inform the blogosphere of that fact!!
    Can’t wait to read and see your future goodies. Love you!

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