Bee is for Boy

July 31, 2010

**Due to popular demand, pictures are now larger! Also, visit for all the pictures, including the worst picture of me EVER. Yum.**

Remember this preview?

Well, Kelly’s Baby Shower has come and gone, and without a hitch. And it was perfect, exactly like I had imagined it. Except when I imagined it, I greeted my guests calmly, like Grace Kelly. Instead, I was a sweaty mess. But that was ok, because this party was NOT about me. It was about Matt and Kelly and their baby boy, James David. Who just so happens to be our Godson. It’s beyond special and happy, and two people who mean the world to me deserved a party that rewarded them for being such good friends and parents. Without further ado…

Instead of organized games, because it was a mixed shower, and because no way was I stretching out a piece of string to ‘fit around mommy’s belly’, I scattered a few ‘activities’ around the room. Branches held tags that guests could write guesses for James David’s birth date, weight, eye and hair color…all that good baby stuff. Guests could also leave JD wishes and blessings in a little notebook (that will become a small scrapbook of sorts for Matt and Kelly to remember the day. As soon as I get around to printing photos.), and play a matching game of celebrities and their baby photos. Which were actually hilarious. Antonio Banderas was the easiest. The celeb photos were hung on a fabric strip backdrop topped with paper garland.

I got a ‘honey’ of a deal (sorry) on these honeycomb vases that I can’t wait to use at every dinner party ever. My original plan was to use white daisies with yellow centers and black-eyed-susans as flowers, but while at the Athens Farmer’s Market one blissful Saturday inspiration struck in the form of the zinnias and sunflowers and wildflowers for sale by the local farmers. They were stunning. They had to be mine. And they were exactly the kinds of flowers I would want to buzz around if I were a bee. Polka dot cups held popcorn for snacking. Linens were black underlays with black and white toppers on the squares, black floor-length with a yellow sash on the hi-boys, and a floor-length stripe with a yellow topper on the food table. I love the striped linens. I wish I could have kept them!

Now for the delicious part: the food! I kept it simple, it was the middle of the afternoon, after all. Tea sandwiches and cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes: Lavender Honey and Orange Honey that were so delicious there were none left! Our specialty beverage of the day was a lavender champagne. I had so much fun ‘testing’ the lavender syrup and champagne…it was not a tough job at all. It’s my new favorite drink. I also planned on making a ginger syrup to add to mimosas, but the best laid plans usually lay where I left them. I did make toppers for the cupcakes out of the same papers and stamps used on the garlands and invitations, which made me happy because it took very little time but really pulled the cupcakes in to the party theme.

Guess which one is the mommy-to-be? That could be too easy. Kelly in the middle at the top, with us all cooing over the best baby shower accessory…a real, live baby! And a quiet one, taboot. Me setting up the food table, and then my hubby and me. And I look like a hot mess. But it was worth it – I think everyone enjoyed the party, and I must admit to being in a bit of post-party depression. It was just that good.

Can’t wait to meet you, James David! And to throw you amazing birthday parties.


2 Responses to “Bee is for Boy”

  1. diggity said

    You look fantastic Ashley. I was there. The party was awesome and well planned. Decorations were just immaculate. You really ought to start your own business with a good friend who is…say…an interior decorator or something. This is your gift – share it with the world.

  2. Eddie Ross said

    What a great party! You truly are gifted!


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